Nice Summary about AngelList Syndicates

In order of typical minimum ticket size:

  1. Friends, co-workers & family ($5K+)
  2. Angels ($50K+)
  3. AngelList Syndicate ($100K+)
  4. Family offices ($250K+)
  5. Corporate VCs ($250K+)
  6. Institutional / seed funds ($250K+)

In September 2016, the average syndicate check size was $390K , with larger Syndicates reaching seven figures. For seed rounds in the $1–$3M range, a Syndicate can therefore contribute anywhere between 10–40% to the round.

That’s a significant chunk, and a key reason why a Syndicate should not be considered as a way to “fill your round”, but rather as a key financing vehicle that deserves top priority when planning your fundraise.

How Successful Founders Will Raise Money in 2018


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